CompanyThe Mediavanta Philosophy

Mediavanta is an award-winning web design and development company whose portfolio includes a vast array of projects for various industries including businesses, organizations and major corporations.

Located in Canada’s capital, Mediavanta is a professional web design and development company made up of an extensive group of web experts who are each individually committed to elevating your business to the online status it deserves. Mediavanta prides itself on delivering professional, high-quality website development and designs that suit each client’s needs. At Mediavanta, we believe in creating an online presence that stems from the day-to-day business, the client base and the message to which our own clients adhere. We are fully committed to creating an all-encompassing website for our clients, and our process toward this achievement includes a precise development strategy, a committed team of web developers, and step-by-step collaboration between the client and the web development team. This is the Mediavanta philosophy.

"We believe that the foundations for effectively creating an online presence include an accurate and detailed understanding of your business, your clients, and the message being delivered."

The Mediavanta team is a group of professionals dedicated to working closely with every client to achieve the desired final product. Our team consists of talented developers, designers, and specialists that thrive on building an engaging and user-friendly website. Mediavanta has worked extensively on projects for small- to medium-sized businesses and has also built websites for larger organizations such as the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital.

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to discuss your online business goals.

Our Approach    |    Our approach starts with your business goals in mind and ends with your business goals achieved.

Step 1: Research & Objectives

Plant a Great Idea

We believe that before any project begins, having a good understanding of your company's business goals and objectives will allow us to provide you with the best possible end results.
Step 2: Strategic Planning

Feed the Idea

Upon reviewing your business goals and objectives, we're ready to put together a strategic plan of action that will combine our ideas with yours. This will ultimately determine the project's direction.
Step 3: Design & Development

Watch the Idea Grow

Once a plan of action is established with your goals in mind, we begin the design process. During each stage, we maintain focus on working hands on with our clients.
Step 4: Implementation

Benefit from the Idea

With a solid functional design in our hands, now it's time to bring the project to life and share it with the world.