The ProcessProject Production

7-step program for the production of each project it undertakes:

Initial Consultation:

Mediavanta will meet with the client for the first time, to outline the scope of the project and the client’s overall goals for the website.

Preliminary Design:

Following the client’s specifications for the website, Mediavanta will draft its first, preliminary conceptual design. This initial phase will provide an overall view of the website’s appearance, as well as its functionality.

Second Consultation:

The client’s feedback will be received and discussed following the assessment of the preliminary design. The feedback can include requests for changes in the design, (Steps 2 and 3 can be repeated, as required by the client).

Design Approval:

Following the client’s approval of the design, a contract is signed to proceed to the website development phase. Mediavanta will assemble website framework outlining its appearance and ensuring its efficient functionality in all major browsers.

Content Integration:

If required, Mediavanta will transfer any existing content from an older version of a website to its newer edition. This step includes creating customized formatting, as well as ensuring adequate fit in the new design.

Exit Consultation:

A final meeting to ensure the client’s complete satisfaction with the finished product is set. The client then signs a contract signalling final approval.

Going Live:

The website is launched on its particular launch date; this date is previously scheduled by the client during the previous steps of the process.
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Our Approach    |    Our approach starts with your business goals in mind and ends with your business goals achieved.

Step 1: Research & Objectives

Plant a Great Idea

We believe that before any project begins, having a good understanding of your company's business goals and objectives will allow us to provide you with the best possible end results.
Step 2: Strategic Planning

Feed the Idea

Upon reviewing your business goals and objectives, we're ready to put together a strategic plan of action that will combine our ideas with yours. This will ultimately determine the project's direction.
Step 3: Design & Development

Watch the Idea Grow

Once a plan of action is established with your goals in mind, we begin the design process. During each stage, we maintain focus on working hands on with our clients.
Step 4: Implementation

Benefit from the Idea

With a solid functional design in our hands, now it's time to bring the project to life and share it with the world.